Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Activities from A to Z

So I am reading a new book. What can I say? I'm a teacher; I read during the summer. Anyway, in this book, the characters decide to use the letters of the alphabet to plan their weekend activities. While reading last night, I began to think that it was a pretty good idea. At this point, I still have about six weeks left in my summer vacation (sounds like a lot, but it will surely fly by). Therefore, I have compiled a list of things to do and places to go over the next six weeks that begin with the letters of the alphabet. As of right now, the list is incomplete because I haven't come up with ideas for every letter. I have no idea what I'll do for Q, X, and Z. I figure I'll talk to my friends and see if they can come up with any ideas. Of course, my activities and trips won't be as wonderful as the ones discussed in the book, especially since the book characters took trips to places like Paris and Italy. Still, I figure it can lead to a lot of fun and to some stories to tell. My hope is that my friends will take a look at the list and pick some excursions they would like to join me on. I'll keep you posted!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today is the birthday of one of my oldest friends, Cattina! Cattina and I have been friends since we worked together at the Navy Exchange my senior year in high school. We lived just around the corner from each other for a long time without really hanging out, but then the Exchange helped us to become friends. In fact, I even played a very small part in Cattina's engagement. I relieved her from the "dirty mart" so that her now husband would be able to propose. I just wish I had been able to witness the proposal instead of working on base with the roaches and dirty laundry! Still, I got to be present for Allen and Cattina's wedding, and it was beautiful! Sadly, soon after the wedding, Cattina and I lost touch. There was no particular reason for this loss of contact, just that both of us were living busy lives. As luck would have it though, Cattina got in touch with my sister on myspace, and she soon contacted me to play on the kickball team she was starting with her husband (Go Crazy Kickers!) Since then, we have been hanging out again, and I have been introduced to many of her great friends and family members. I look forward to staying friends with Cattina from now on, especially now that she has a little baby on the way. She is going to be an absolutely fabulous mother! Happy Birthday, Cattina!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

It has been pointed out to me that perhaps I should describe my new house on here, especially since I have only had four people over so far. As I said before, the house isn't huge, but it is a good size for me and Sampras, my dog. It is one story with a nice living room/dining room. I have a fireplace, which makes me feel really special for some reason. There are two large windows in the front, which really let a lot of light in all day. I have a good-sized kitchen, probably a lot bigger than I need with my limited cooking skills. All of the appliances are rather new, but the fruity wallpaper on the kitchen walls will have to go as soon as possible. My bathroom is really nice, with a new bathtub that has a built-in towel holder, a seat to sit on, and all kinds of shelf space inside the shower. My house has two bedrooms. The master bedroom, which is currently the least decorated in the entire house, is huge and has a gynormous walk-in closet. The closet has a built-in shoe rack and plenty of room for my large quantity of clothing. Sampras could easily make a comfortable home in the huge closet. The spare bedroom is actually being used as my office. It is much smaller than the other bedroom, but that may be because there is more furniture in it. The spare room overlooks the backyard, which is fenced in and contains two sheds. One shed holds all of the lawn tools, and the other shed is currently holding holiday decorations. The carpet and paint is brand new throughout the house. Most of the house is decorated in blue and green, but the master bedroom is reddish-orange and gold. I really like the house and look forward to continuing to make it my own. I also look forward to meeting my neighbors.
So I have decided to start a blog. It seems like all of the "cool" kids are doing it, so I am jumping on the bandwagon. If it is anything like writing in a journal or a diary, I probably won't keep up with it, but I'll give it a try anyway.Last week, I finally moved into my very own house. I started looking for a house last summer, but due to my lackluster salary (you don't go into teaching for the money), I was unable to qualify for much of anything. After letting the market cool off for a year, receiving a slight salary increase, and shopping around for the perfect loan, I have a house. I really love it. It is a good size for me and the dog, although the yard may be a little more than I want to mow every week. Still, I am nearly done decorating it. I really only need some placemats and a tablecloth for the dining room and a bedroom set for the master bedroom (which will have to wait until I've saved some money). Other than that, everything is set. I think my family and friends would agree that the decor is very me, even if my mom and sister wouldn't decorate exactly as I did. The best part....I am no longer in an apartment. No loud neighbors below or beside me, no three flights of stairs to climb multiple times a day, and no rent being wasted monthly. Money will probably be tight for awhile, but it will certainly be worth it in the long run. I am definitely an adult now!!! A special thank you to my mom for helping to make it all possible though. While I may be an adult, I'll always need her. Love ya, MOM!