Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sheesh! I can't believe I haven't written since 2009! It isn't that I haven't thought about great topics that I could really go crazy with; it is just that I have been super busy! Even now, there are things that I could be doing instead; I just don't really feel like doing them! Haha! As a teacher, it is so easy to slack off at this time of year. You know everything is taught, the testing is done, and the lesson plans can be a little bit more loose. With only 6 1/2 days left in the school year, I am having a hard time motivating myself to grade the small number of papers that are in my bag!

So here is what I want to talk, or vent, about. Lately, I have felt some distance between myself and a few of my friends. People who would typically laugh at my jokes, listen to my stories, and chat with me happily, have suddenly seemed to separate themselves from me. As a person that analyzes, and often over analyzes, everything, I truly struggle with this. I really try to figure out what I could have done to offend them. The friends who I have confided in about these feelings tell me that I am overreacting; that everyone is just on edge because it is a stressful time of year. Still, it bothers me! I truly hope that I didn't do anything to offend anyone! As my faith has grown over the years, I have really tried to work on being a positive person. I am also trying to be less judgemental. If I offend someone, I always want them to tell me (not in a mean way though). I am aware that I may be the only Bible that some people will read, so I have to live my life as an example. If my behavior turns them off, the consequences could be greater than the simple end of a friendship. I'd never want that to happen!

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